Österreichisches VolksLiedWerk
Volksmusikland Österreich

Tyrol's musical image outside of the state borders was formed as early as the 19the century by singers and musicians, known as National Singers, who toured as far as America with costumes, Schuhplattler and yodelling. "Tyrolean evenings" and the Zillertaler Schürzenjäger also paved the way for a more commercially orientated folksy style of music.

But well off the music industry's beaten track, many families, small groups and communities keep traditional folk music alive and help it develop in a creative way.

Starting in 1974, Innsbruck hosts the bi-annual "Alpenländische Volksmusikwettbewerb" (Alpine Land Folk Music Competition) which launched many groups and stars in traditional folk music heritage throughout the Alpine region.

The harp is one of the most important musical instruments in Tyrolean folk music; it is used both as a solo and as an accompanying instrument. Yodelling songs sung as solos and with joking content take a unique position in singing.