Österreichisches VolksLiedWerk
Volksmusikland Österreich
Hybrid forms

This section includes instrumental pieces and dances in which a variety of styles of dancing, beats, musical styles, interpretations or melodic motifs meet to form a piece, or are combined with one another.
The most popular dance with changing tempi is the "Zwiefache": the beat of one line of the melody switches from two-four to three-four in a variety of orders. Another type of dance with changing beat is the bipartite form where the first part has an even beat and the second part an odd beat. From a choreographic point of view, the first part is danced as a stepping dance and the second part is danced in the round.

"Weisen" are instrumentally performed vocal styles - yodeling songs, arias, or songs - typically played in two parts by the same melody instruments.

Potpourris, that is, the concatenation of different motifs and/or popular themes, are found in this section - as are contemporary compositions with their own characteristics or unusual rhythms for folk music while still adhering to the traditional approach to playing.